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I blog about my passion and main work interest: how environmental issues affect people, wildlife and the planet.

My other blogs: Everywhere is nowhere- my photos of Scotland and beyond. Interconnected nomad- my cycling experiences blog. Porridge of knowledge- my throwaway blog about everything. I have been involved in work projects and outputs related to a number of the issues covered in my blog, details of which can be found at my personal website: www.bonner28282.wix.com/jamesbonner. I'm on twitter as @jamesbonner82

Posts I Like

This beautifully shot little video captures cycling in a different light…

If cycling is to be promoted as a key lifestyle choice, particularly in the case of young and urban populations, then attention should be given to how successful services/products are targeted as such groups. As such, the way in which a product is ‘packaged’ and marketed is vital- and, as such, developing an appealing ‘brand’ is often key to its success.

The lighting, the camera shots, the slick editing, the music score, the fit and athletic individuals, the location… this video utilises so many of the techniques that modern adverts and promotional campaigns so cleverly use to emotively engage with, and appeal to, an audience.

In a way, if you were to remove the bikes in this video, and replace them with a couple of sports cars- you would have an advert that bears resemblance to something that many of us see every day on our televisions. If cycling is to be in the mainstream, then it needs to appeal to the mainstream. If cycling is to rival the car as an urban mobility solution, then maybe it needs to match it at its own game: how it sells itself…