Exoteric environmentalism

Hello. This is my main blog in which I attempt to communicate my thoughts and feelings about my passion and main work interest: how environmental issues affect people, wildlife and the planet.

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I have been involved in work projects and outputs related to a number of the issues covered here- details of which can be found at my personal website: www.bonner28282.wix.com/jamesbonner

I'm on twitter as @jamesbonner82
Posts I Like

'Butterflies drink turtle tears for their salt fix' (Image and story via Treehugger)

Nature, from the macro to the micro scale, works to conserve and recycle nutrients and resources. 

We need to learn to develop an economy and society that, like the rest of nature, is circular- not linear; conserving- not wasteful. 

After all, it’s worth remembering that the likes of turtles and butterflies have been around on this planet for much longer than us…

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