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I blog about my passion and main work interest: how environmental issues affect people, wildlife and the planet.

My other blogs: Everywhere is nowhere- my photos of Scotland and beyond. Interconnected nomad- my cycling experiences blog. Porridge of knowledge- my throwaway blog about everything. I have been involved in work projects and outputs related to a number of the issues covered in my blog, details of which can be found at my personal website: www.bonner28282.wix.com/jamesbonner. I'm on twitter as @jamesbonner82

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Moon, Venus, and cherry blossom.

Glasgow Green, Glasgow 

Venus and Jupiter shine brilliantly

The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter has been particularly bright in the sky in the last few days- offering some of the best viewing opportunities of the two worlds in years.

The above picture was my view of the sight this evening from my small corner of our planet (taken from the Southern Necropolis, Glasgow, Scotland). Similar scenes can be seen all around the world.

Such a sight, like many astronomical images, is a reminder of our insignificance in a cosmological sense. Furthermore, it beautifully conveys the interconnection that we all, as humans and animals on this planet, are bound by. Whoever we are, wherever we are located, we are all looking out at the same sky.

I found the following quote from Leo Tolstoy that, I feel, captures this sentiment nicely:

“How good is it to remember one’s insignificance: that of a man among billions of men, of an animal amid billions of animals; and one’s abode, the earth, a little grain of sand in comparison with Sirius and others, and one’s life span in comparison with billions on billions of ages.”